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Final Fantasy Tactics: Blue Mage Costume

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Final Fantasy Tactics: Blue Mage Costume

I created this Blue Mage costume for a bridesmaid in a Final Fantasy themed wedding. (I also made Quistis and Fang costumes for the wedding.)

The shirt and leggings were made from a modified pattern out of stretch cotton. Since the fabric was not available in the exact color we wanted, I dyed it with Rit.

The overcoat was also made from a modified pattern - primarily changed for the collar and cuffs. It is made from cotton twill, cling-free polyester lining, and lots of fusible interfacing! 

The hat was made from scratch, since I couldn't find a good sailor hat pattern. The feather was the biggest challenge, since it has such a distinctive shape; I accomplished that by gluing the feather to a thick wire bent at just the right angle, then attached the whole thing to the hat.

The scarf, brooch, belt, pouches and tights were provided by the commissioner.