Barefoot Sewing

Chobits: Chi Costume

Chobits: Chi Costume

Chi by the Numbers:

  • 328,020 stitches in the skirt embroidery alone - that’s 2.6 miles of thread
  • 24 hours to embroider and trim skirt and bodice
  • 4 hours patterning and cutting out fabric
  • 12 hours sewing
  • 3 hours applying grommets
  • 5 hours designing & printing on 3D printer
  • 8 hours sanding & painting accessories
  • 2 hours styling wig
  • Total costume construction time: 57 hours

To make this dress even more special, Chi was made with leftover silk from my wedding dress.

Pictures courtesy of SkyKing Cosplay & Photography for the photoshoot, and David Troeh for the con floor shot.