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Marvel Movies: Jail Cell Loki Costume

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Marvel Movies: Jail Cell Loki Costume

The hubby decided he needed a new Loki costume for the Thor: The Dark World premiere. I drafted the pattern from scratch based on his measurements, since it was a fairly simple design. The trickiest part was the patterned suede, since nothing comes in that pattern. It’s the same as the pattern on the scarf he wore in The Avengers!

Since it was made for the premiere, we only had a couple of screenshots to work from, but fortunately it's not too terribly inaccurate. (This naturally did not stop me from leaping out of my seat and clawing the jacket after the movie, wailing about how terrible it was.)

Hubby designed and 3D printed a stencil for the pattern, and I spent approximately 8 hours carefully filling in both suede panels with fabric paint - a mixture of matte brown and velveteen black, which makes it look soft and suede-like instead of shiny like most fabric paint.

The undershirt was made by hacking together a kimono pattern with a regular jacket sleeve pattern. Each line you see is a row of stitches - it took me about 6 hours to prepare the fabric before I could think about sewing the pieces together, which took another 2 hours.

The embroidery on the shirts pictured in the last image was also done by me. In addition to the back embroidery, the front pocket of each shirt says "Loki's Army" in gold thread.