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My Little Pony: Queen Chrysalis Kigurumi Costume

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My Little Pony: Queen Chrysalis Kigurumi Costume

This Queen Chrysalis kigurumi was a personal project made to wear at Naka-Kon and Midwest Brony Fest in 2016. It took approximately 12 hours of labor from start to finish. The biggest challenges with this super-comfy costume were the horn, the crown, and the wings.

The wings are made from a sheer iridescent material that started fraying the instant it was cut. To combat this problem, I traced the pattern onto the fabric with fabric glue, then cut carefully inside the glue line to get a nice, smooth edge. I then hand-stitched the wings to the cape, since they were too delicate to put through the sewing machine.

The horn and crown were difficult because I wanted them to always stand straight up, and not slide to one side or the other while I wore the kigu. My solution was to wire the entire front of the hood, the horn, and down the center mane line with aluminum wire that was easy to adjust on the fly. The crown was also made from wire, so it was relatively simple to incorporate it with the rest of the wiring structure.