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Sailor Moon: La Reconquista Sailor Venus Costume

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Sailor Moon: La Reconquista Sailor Venus Costume

I made this Sailor Venus costume for a commissioner in 2014. Instead of a standard Sailor Scout uniform, she wanted to cosplay from the Japanese live-action Sailor Moon musical La Reconquista.

In March 2014, Cosmode, a leading Japanese cosplay magazine, published a pattern and directions for sailor uniforms. I only had access to the directions (after hiring a translator), so I made do with a heavily altered Simplicity pattern for the shirt. I hand-stitched the rhinestone trim, and attached the individual rhinestone circles with E6000 craft adhesive.

The skirt is simply a pair of pleated rectangles with a padded waistband. Because I used sturdy, high-quality satin, it doesn't even need a petticoat to stay full!