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Star Wars IKEA Lamp Alderaan Vinyl Decals

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Star Wars IKEA Lamp Alderaan Vinyl Decals

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This set of vinyl decals comes printed on a single, uncut 49" x 21" sticker sheet. Each decal on the sheet includes 1/8" bleed on all sides. This means we included 1/8" of extra printed material around every edge of every decal, which can be folded over each lamp piece edge so none of the original lamp color shows, or simply cut off if you prefer. Decals are easily cut with scissors or a craft knife. If applied incorrectly, decals can be carefully removed and repositioned. Do not stretch the decals.

Decals are sized to fit the 14" IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp, item numbers 202.798.88, 602.511.23, 103.832.44, 003.114.98, 303.114.92, and 503.631.64.

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